You've got an excellent product, your website is up-to-date and sales are trickling through but you feel like you're getting lost in the chitter chatter. No doubt you've heard business bloggers and marketeers alike wax lyrical about content marketing and maybe it sounds a bit buzz-wordy but, frankly, it's the mainstay of being a relevant and remembered part of today's marketplace. If you work for a bigger brand, you'll know this. The pressure is always on to create, curate and disseminate. Social media schedules call for content to be shared every other day (if not several times every day), websites are (ideally) updated as soon as there's a new product to feature or story to tell and email marketing, well, if you've checked your inbox recently, you'll see how popular that channel is.

Processing print isn’t something the human brain was built for. The printed word is a human artifact. It’s very convenient and it’s worked very well for us for 5,000 years, but it’s an invention of human beings. By contrast Mother Nature has built into our brain our ability to see the visual world and interpret it. Even the spoken language is much more a given biologically than reading written language.
— Marcel Just, Director of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University

Why the hype?

To stand your ground in a hectic world that's packed full of marketing messages and bids for your customer's attention, you need reasons to connect in order to stick in their psyche. Photography, moving stills and video are excellent devices to use to capture attention and the reason boils down to the way we, as humans, are wired. Well-crafted, consistently served, visual content gets attention. It's gifts you a narrative that you can process with very little effort. The good stuff even tells you how to feel about it.


Don't tell me, show me

We're visual creatures and the best businesses and brands know this and leverage it by creating stand-out image based content. Beautifully lit packaging shots, a captivating piece of online video, a quirky cinemagraph or aspirational lifestyle images, it all exists to communicate an intended message and elicit an emotion in the most efficient way possible. Without it, you run the risk of fading into obscurity. Creating content and pairing it with images increases a view rate by 94%. NINETY-FOUR PERCENT. Audiences consume it, talk about it, share it, save it. 

There's just too much going on for you to rely on a good product and a website to cut through. It takes consistent reminders about what you do, why you do it and how it benefits your customers across numerous channels. You need to generate stories and tell them as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

Hopefully this article has made it clear that to capture eyes and captivate minds, creating engaging visual content using photography and video is the best way forward. Produce great products, create solid marketing strategies and paths to market AND build a content marketing plan... and they will come.