Attention spans are decreasing but beautiful photography is guaranteed to catch the eye of even the most distracted mind. Give your audience the chance to understand and appreciate your offering in the seconds you’ll have to entice them by working with us to tell your story through well-crafted photography. 


Moving stills are image assets like GIFs and cinemagraphs. These are images that loop to create an animation effect. They either feature a series images to create a mini-story or, in the case of cinemagraphs, they feature a subtle, repeated movement. They can be used to entertain or captivate; whatever the reaction or emotion you're looking to evoke, moving stills do the job.


Video is the most effective way to disseminate your brand messages and appeal to your audience's senses. It's a medium that incredibly easy to consume (assuming it's done well), which means you can convey your story in a way that's tempting to even the busiest as most distracted clients and customers. 

Video also offers the added perk of being highly shareable. The desire to share is powerful and, if your content is interesting, entertaining and valuable, it could create the spark that ignites your brand message


Producers bring together cast and crew, manage the overall budget and timeline, and source all the elements necessary to make your shoot a success. They source and book locations, cast talent, coordinate hair and make-up artists and stylists, organise props, liaise with retouchers and sort out anything else the brief requires (we've even organised a troupe of acrobats at a moment's notice before). Our producers are exceptional project managers who are well-networked, creative and tenacious.


Our post production specialists include photographic retouchers and video editors. Photographic retouchers specialise in colour balancing, correcting imperfections and comping together images to create a desired effect. Video editors take raw footage and turn them into the scenes that ultimately form your video. They also insert transition effects, add voiceovers and backing tracks, and incorporate graphics.