Vigilante: Trekking in the Bahamas (… not really, but might as well have been!)

Vigilante adventure gear

One of our favourite creatives, Ruairi from Found Creative, commissioned Steve Greenaway and the Pomegranate Production team to shoot the latest range of Vigilante adventure gear. We had a firm brief for the talent we needed to cast but a limited budget for long days on set. Thankfully, we had Taryn from Wink on board to help us find our faces and we also undertook a spot of street casting to find our full contingent. Heather (our blonde hiker) was accosted by Sarah in the middle of Woolworths early one morning as she ventured out to buy WeetBix – well, when you find the perfect fit, you don’t hold back, right!?


We didn’t have the time, budget or resources to venture too far from Sydney CBD, but we needed locations that were at once convincingly rugged, picturesque and easily accessible. After scouting a range of options, we settled on Wattamolla and Garie Beach in the Royal National Park, and some inner city areas around Watsons Bay and Glebe. The temperatures sky rocketed to the high 30s during our two-day shoot and with our talent wearing the brand’s winter range, it made for a tough gig. They were consummate professionals though (as were our gear toting photographer and crew) and the shots are testament to their perseverance, professionalism and determination. And, anyway, no one fainted so can’t have been all that bad!

STYLING: Gemma Le Vin @ LJS Styling
HMU: Casey Gore @ Reload
PHOTOGRAPHER: Steve Greenaway
PRODUCTION: Sarah and Christa @ Pomegranate Production